30/30 Day 12 Worldbuilding: The Windswept Realm Part 1

Hi, I’m Tyler Magruder, or sorryjzargo as I go by on the internet.  I am going to hopefully complete a 30/30 this month.  If you don’t know what a 30/30 is, it is a blog series where you write one blog a day for a month (on months with 31 days it is called a 31/31).  I’ve already missed a few days, so this is a make-up blog.


Since I frequently write about role playing games, I’ve decided to take some time to write about the world of two of my current campaigns, the Windswept Realm.  It’s a homebrew world, but borrows heavily from D&D Greyhawk (specifically the deities and races) and steampunk, as well as a little cyberpunk.


The Windswept Realm is a single landmass surrounded by a seemingly infinite ocean.  There are a few small islands off the coast of the mainland, but most of them are unpopulated.  The mainland is divided into three kingdoms, though the borders are not clearly defined.  To the north-east is the elven kingdom of Mourning Winds, to the north-west is the dwarven stronghold Barradh’s Keep, and to the south is the human sovereignty of the Chrome Citadel.  At the center of the known world is the massive Unification City, where members from all cultures meet and worldwide problems are solved by a council with representatives from all three major civilizations.  Mountains and hills are numerous in the Windswept Realm, most formed by the intense winds that buffet the entire world.  They are especially dense in the mountain range surrounding Barradh’s Keep.  There are several craters of unknown origin across the world, the most notable being the Skypeace Lake Crater next to Chrome Citadel.  The crater is deep enough that it keeps out the strong winds and makes the air safe for airships.  There are dozens of impossibly tall buildings known as Skyscrapers scattered across the world, becoming less numerous the further from Unification City.  A few even rise out of the depths of the ocean.  It is said that only a god can destroy a Skyscraper.


The people of the Windswept Realm are all told the same story.  Thousands of years ago, the gods created a single race of people, known as the Ancients.  They lived in harmony with the gods, making incredible discoveries in both the fields of magic and science.  Using this harmony, they built the massive skyscrapers that dot the landscape and created wondrous technological and magical devices.  Then the Ancients rebelled against the gods and used their technology to murder the god Gruumsh.  The gods responded in quick retribution, totally eliminating the Ancients.  The gods then created the Orcs in the memory of Gruumsh and then the other races that would come to inhabit the world.  These newer races scavenged the Ancient technology, propelling their society by thousands of years, but they lack the harmony with the gods that the Ancients had.

However, this is just a tale.  It only contains part of the story.

The Ancients never rebelled against the gods.  This was just a fabrication the gods used to justify their actions to the new races.  The Ancients developed a technology that was capable of destroying gods permanently.  In fear, Gruumsh preemptively attacked the Ancients, but they used their technology in self-defense, killing him.  The other gods verbally condemned his actions while at the same time readying their forces to destroy the Ancients.  The Ancients were caught unaware by the full brunt of their pantheon and were exterminated before they could ready their weapon.  The gods then realized the horror they had brought upon their creation, so they made new races and told them a fabricated version of their story.