30/30 Day 9: Fan Game Idea: Punching Aliens in the Face

Hi, I’m Tyler Magruder, or sorryjzargo as I go by on the internet.  I am going to hopefully complete a 30/30 this month.  If you don’t know what a 30/30 is, it is a blog series where you write one blog a day for a month (on months with 31 days it is called a 31/31).  If I miss a day, I will make it up, but hopefully I won’t miss any days and can call this a success.

gungan punch

            So I got the software RPG Maker VX Ace about a year ago when it was on sale.  For a long time I did not really do anything with it, but then I decided to start messing around with it to see if I could make something.  While I’ve never made a finished product, I have a project in the works that I am excited about.  It is a fan game called Punching Aliens in the Face (PAitF).

            So, as a fan game PAitF must be based on an existing property.  So what is this property?  Well, basically everything even slightly sci-fi.  PAitF is a game conglomeration of every franchise that I am familiar with, while at the same time having a semi-cohesive narrative (involving a multiverse that connects at a Citadel-like hub city) as well as several planned one-off missions.  Notable franchises featured are Metroid, Pokémon, Star Wars, Alien, Mass Effect, Halo and Gears of War.  However, several other franchises make appearances.

Mechanically, the game is currently pretty bland, sticking with the default RPG Maker combat and a typical adventure game format.  However, as I become more comfortable with the software, I plan on renovating the combat at least a little to make it more engaging.

The player will recruit a party of at least 6 fleshed out NPCs, and the player will be able to travel with 2 of them at a time.  I’ve currently only implemented one, a Lumioth healer from the Metroid franchise, but I plan on including a Pokémon Ranger and Merwif from Bravest Warriors.  Also, there will be a large number of “combat NPCs” that have no story interactions but are just there for combat support.  Players can travel with one at a time, and though they have not story input they all have fully realized leveling trees.  Examples include Imperial Stormtroopers, Metroids, goblins and HYDRA soldiers.  Also, the player will have access to a wide variety of abilities and powers, both inside and outside combat.

Levels will be infinitely replayable (with the exception of the intro mission for coding reasons), though subsequent playthroughs will have randomized rewards instead of the usual story rewards.  Also, levels will be able to be replayed at different difficult levels to suit your current team.

The story is still evolving, but it involves a Space Pirate (of the Metroid variety) invasion of the hub world, where the kidnap the player.  Through the intervention of an unknown entity he escapes from their ship and begins his journey to save the multiverse.  It’s rough, but it’s mostly there to facilitate a combined universe.


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