30/30 Day 6: Edge of Tomorrow Review

Hi, I’m Tyler Magruder, or sorryjzargo as I go by on the internet.  I am going to hopefully complete a 30/30 this month.  If you don’t know what a 30/30 is, it is a blog series where you write one blog a day for a month (on months with 31 days it is called a 31/31).  If I miss a day, I will make it up, but hopefully I won’t miss any days and can call this a success.


            Today I watched Edge of Tomorrow in 3D at a local theater.  Directed by Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi military movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the lead roles, as well as Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson.  The movie is based on the light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and adapted by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth.

Before watching the movie, I knew very little about it.  I saw a trailer months ago, but hadn’t heard anything since.  The positive score on IMDb (8.1 before I left for the theater) prompted me to check it out.  I’m glad I did.

Just a heads-up, I’m going to try to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible, but I will have some light spoilers on the premise.  So, if you want to know as little as possible, you have been warned.

To sum up Edge of Tomorrow as briefly as possible, it is Groundhog Day set during a futuristic war between humanity and invading aliens.  The main character, Major William Cage (played by Tom Cruise) is a military officer forced into the front lines of a beach invasion, and through a series of circumstances is forced to relive the day over and over.  He teams up with Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), also known as the Angel of Verdun, in an attempt to defeat the alien scourge with his knowledge of the future.

While the premise of the movie is by no means unique, it is definitely an interesting and thought-provoking one.  I felt that the movie explored the concept as thoroughly as possible without being boring, and despite the movie taking place all within the span of roughly two days, they mixed it up enough so that it never felt like a slog.

Overall, the delivery of the film was excellent.  The opening was presented by a series of videos with some voice and text overlay showing the beginning of the alien invasion.  This segment felt a little rushed, but is preferable to an extended exposition.  It also doubled as the opening credits.  Afterward, it was from the perspective of Major Cage, who was thrust into the action very early in the film.  Cage relived the same day over and over, but fortunately it did not show every day that he relived, only showing the important developments and character moments.  While the movie never explicitly says how many days he relived, I would estimate that they numbered in the thousands if not higher.

The music of the film was forgettable but competent.  Composer Christophe Beck created a score that fit the action and the story well, but outside the context of the film felt pretty generic.  The sound design was excellent, and the weapons, machinery, vehicles and aliens sounded grounded and realistic.

Visually, the movie was excellent.  The advanced technology of the film looked realistic, and the aliens looked like a genuine danger.  Both the practical effects and the CGI looked great.  A few action scenes involving the aliens were overstimulating, but on the whole the visuals aided in my understanding of the movie.  Unfortunately, the 3D did not add much that I noticed, and it made a few panoramic shots problematic to view.

As much as I dislike Tom Cruise as a person, I can’t complain about his performance in this film.  He conveyed a realistic character who developed over the course of the film.  Emily Blunt was also great in the film, but her character was more static than Cruise’s.  The supporting cast fit as well, but none of them were incredibly memorable.  A few accents felt forced, but overall they looked and sounded like competent soldiers.

Edge of Tomorrow is an enjoyable film with exciting action, solid acting and a competent story.  While it is somewhat generic in its premise and can be predictable at parts, I would recommend it for anyone that likes action movies, science fiction, or Groundhog Day’s premise.

And for those of you that need a review score, I give it a solid 8/10.


4 thoughts on “30/30 Day 6: Edge of Tomorrow Review

    • No offense, but watch a movie before you condemn it. There is a sense of urgency, but I couldn’t say why in my review because it would be spoilers. I’ll suffice to say that there is a sense of danger in the very premise of his day-reliving.

      I recommend you go see it!

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