Why did the chicken cross the road? Let’s ask William Bradford!

When by the grace of the Farmer and the diligence of some godly and zealous roosters, many chickens became aware of their ignorance and by the Farmer’s grace were transformed.  Yet there remained a great number of chickens who still lived in their ignorance of the Farmer and preached false teachings in their chicken huts.  So the enlightened chickens chose to abandon the lost chickens and moved north along the great road, trusting to find more devout chickens who truly knew the Farmer and followed his ways.  However, the chickens to the north were less devout than the chickens from their home.  Then the righteous chickens heard of the vast and unchickened lands across the road.

Returning to their home, the pious chickens sought permission from the Great Chicken to cross the road in order to populate the new lands and live in righteousness.  They were given permission and they formed a great flock to cross the road.  However, some unrighteous chickens also joined the flock, hoping to find great plenty of feed on the other side.  The journey was tumultuous, and the sun baked the chickens’ feet and the winds blew the chickens off their course.  One unrighteous chicken in distress cursed the Farmer and the righteous chickens, so it pleased the Farmer that he was struck by a passing car and devoured by the buzzards.

Upon reaching the distant side of the road the chickens were beset upon by a vicious winter, but through the grace of the Farmer many righteous chickens survived.


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